Marie Laveau II, better known as the Voodoo queen of New Orleans, died drowning, which the situation in which she passed away is still unknown. Marie Laveau II was the daughter of the late Marie Laveau II, also known as the voodoo queen. Marie was the oldest of fifteen children. Beging the oldest of her siblings she had to help her mother raise her siblings and maintain the household. Marie was a well known hairdresser, which was a part of her passion as a young lady. As time passed and her mother began to grow old and Marie had take responsibility and take over the family business. The family business consisted of the Congo Square Dances and she also ran a bar and a brothel on Bourbon. The reputation she already had began to blossom as her involvement enhanced. By building her reputation she started to become known as the Voodoo Queen. Her good personality allowed her to establish and maintain good relations with many people; these relations grew from the parties and rituals that she through at the Maison Blanche. With her passion to know the people around her and learn the many skills such as using herds for different healing processes. The techniques that she mastered brought great amounts of attention from the people of New Orleans, which she had a unique relationship with. Marie Laveau II had an astounding life, which could easily be based off her accomplishments. She was really into bettering her skills in rituals and establishing lifelong relationships with her community. The impact she had with the people of New Orleans will never be lost of forgotten. She had a great influence on the culture that is still incorporated in today’s time. Laveau will be truly missed and her achievements will always be embraced.